If you are new to exMon DM please read the What is exMon Data Management article first. 

This tutorial walks you through the features and functions of exMon DM. 

If at any time during the walk-through you encounter a bug or an issue you can submit a new ticket to Expectus Support

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As you work through this tutorial, you will create multiple tables in an exMon DM Project.

The steps in this tutorial are based on an Analytics Professional creating a Product Master table from multiple entities and getting a business user to maintain various attributes of Products.

You'll learn how to create Projects, Tables, Hierarchy, Actions.

Step 1 - Setup  exMon Data Management

Step 2 - Create Product Master Project

Step 3 - Create Product Table from Excel file
Step 4 - Load Product Table to PowerBI

This is a video that covers steps 1-4