New Hierarchy editor BETA

- Easily create multiple hierarchies for data

- Currently in beta. Please let us know if you see something that needs to be improved

Also lots of bug fixes and improvements

- Administrators can now resend the invitation email to users

- Users will now receive an email when they are added to new exTables instances

- Users can now copy the URL to currenct exTables setup file from the version dialog

Bug fixes:

- Removing a selection in an ItemList og Lookup columns for cells that previously had values, did not set the Display value as NULL

- Copying a password to exTables from Outlook would not always work as Outlook added spaces in the end of the password. exTables now automatically removes them

Bug fixes:

  - Filters were not applied correctly when refreshing data

  - Improved support for CSV imports

Bug fixes.


- Better experience importing large csv files

- Set item list and lookup display value as null when deleting entries

- Create table wizard from navigation:

 * Create empty tables or import tables.

 * Import tables as hierarchies.

 * Supports Excel and CSV.

- Improved experience when importing data into a table.

- Bug fixes.

Bug fixes.

Bug fixes.

Bug Fixes.