Projects and Categories can be altered by clicking on the "Edit Projects" button (No.1). The button is only visible when the user is in the project or category selection (No. 2 and 3) . To access the projects or category selection the user has to either click on Projects or Category (No. 2 and 3).

Editing Projects

Within the Edit Projects menu the user can manipulate either 1. Projects or 2. Categories. 

1. Projects - To alter existing projects the user chooses a project on the left side. 

The user can do the following actions for projects:

     - Add a project (No. 1)

     - Remove a project (No. 2)

     - Import a project (No. 3)

     - Export a projects (No. 4)

     - Rename projects (No. 5)

     - Alter project description (No. 6)

2. Categories - Accessed through "Categories" button in the menu up top.

The user can do the following actions for categories:

    - Add a category (No. 1)

    - Remove a category (No. 2)

    - Move category to another project (No. 3)

    - Alter category title (No. 4)

    - Alter category color (No. 5)


When all changes are complete remember to click the Save button in the bottom right corner if the changes are to be saved. If the changes are to be discarded, click the close button and the changes won't be saved.