• Lookup columns allow for easier maintenance of lists used by multiple tables. The list is set up and maintained in a normal table but is then referenced by lookup columns in each table that utilizes the list. Common lookup columns are countries, customers and employees.

    This is a Location table:

Now in our example we create a Location column and set it as Lookup. In the Lookup Column Options tab we select our Project as the Project and the Locations table as the Lookup Table. By default the exTables Row Id is used as a key column but you can change this if you have a unique key column in your lookup table. You can also customize the Display Value in the drop down.

This is how it will look in our table:

You can also further configure how the column is presented. Changing the display value allows you to show more than one column

You can also show the selection pop-up in even greater detail with multiple columns, sort, group and/or filter: