New Features

Import Table from Database

It is now possible to import data directly from an Sql Server. This option is available when creating a new table and when importing data into an already existing table.

Create a new table:

1. Select a connection and find the table you want to import (Click Edit Connections.. to create a new connection)

2. Give the table a name and select a project and category for it. 

3. Map your columns

    Source column: the name of the column in the source table

    Import: Select either Import or Ignore

    exTables Name: The name of your column as it will appear in exTables

    Column type: Normal

    DataType: Number, String, DateTime, Checkbox or Decimal

4. Click Import. Your import will be saved as an action and be available from the toolbar of your new table.

Import from Database and Excel as Actions

Imports can now be saved as Actions. At the end of the import process you can choose to save your import as an Action. By default this Action will be available from the toolbar for easy access.

Multiple Column Edit

You can now edit multiple columns simultaneously in the Table Designer. Select the columns you want to edit by holding in the Control button.

Convert Columns to ItemList

Columns can now be converted to Item Lists. Go to the Table Designer and select the column you want to convert. Click the Column Type drop down and select Item List. A dialog will display the values that will be created and specify how many rows have each value.

Bug Fixes

        Fixed: Can't lock rows in table editor

        Fixed: Audit view for a table with full update history doesn't update and gives error when the table is saved

        Fixed: Double saving creates duplicate rows

        Fixed: Created hierarchy doesn't open

        Fixed: Column filter on tables show all values rather than only relevant values