Add, modify or deleting rows is a common task done by Data Users who have a task of maintaining data within exMon DM.

Modify data can ben done by the following methods:

  • Add, Modify, Delete Rows - one by one
  • Paste multiple rows
  • Import Data Wizard

Add, Modify Delete Rows

  • Adding a new row can ben done by Clicking the New Row Button (1) or scrolling down to the bottom and starting typing in the New Row Row (3)
  • Deleting a row can be done by Clicking the Delete Row Button (2)
  • Modifying a row can ben done by interacting with individual cells in the table by clicking and typing or selecting from a Dropdown.

Paste Multiple Rows

Adding multiple rows can be done by clicking the Paste button, the Source data needs to have the columns in the correct order. 

Pasting from Excel can be done by Selecting Data (1) within Excel, pressing Ctrl+C and Clicking Paste (2) within the Advanced Tab within exMon DM. The Pasted data is then visible at the Table Bottom 3)

Import Data Wizard

Multiple Rows from Clipboard or entire files can be imported by using the Import Wizard. See Importing Data from CSV files for further information.