The Table Editor has powerful options to find and filter data.

The main filtering options are:

  1. Search  (1)- Searches data in all columns
  2. Column Filters (2) - Filter specific columns based on data existing in the columns
  3. Auto Filter Row (2) - Free text search for each column
  4. Table Filters (3) - Column filters for popular columns, chosen at design time.


Search allows you to search for a specific term in all columns. Click Ctrl+F to start searching and enter the search term. When searching for multiple words, you can use quotes to search for them together.

Note that searching data sets with millions of rows and many columns can be slow. You can use Column Filters and Auto Filter Row for a faster search.

Column Filters

Hover over a column header and click the Funnel icon to open a Column Filter. The filter shows all values currently in the data and allows you to quickly filter to specific values. Note that numeric and date/time columns allow you to filter based on ranges.

Auto Filter Row

Right-clicking on a column header and selecting Show Auto Filter Row displays powerful filtering options per column.

In the Auto Filter Row you can enter search term specific for each column. By default, the search term can be anywhere in the field.

Selecting the ABC icon allows you to change how the filtering is performed.

Table Filters

You can specifically configure that are often filtered in the Table Designer. When there are columns with a defined filter, a Filters panel is displayed on the right.

Selecting values (1) in each column filters the data in the Table Editor.  Selecting a value for one filters the values for other column filters. E.g. selecting Black in the column Color removes all ProductSubcategory that does not have the color Black.

The clear a column filter you can either deselect it or select the blue triangle (2).

To minimize the Filters panel, click the pushpin (3).

Clear Filters

When you have selected any filter on the table, a Clear Filters button appears on the toolbar. Clicking that button clears all filters on the table.