1. Download the Powershell script and dll required to run Data Factory in exMon here
    Place these two files into a folder on the machine that should run the Data Factory, in my example I will use the directory C:\Modules

  2. In the Azure Portal we need to create an App registration which we will use to access our Data Factory.
    This is done under the Azure Portal –> Azure Active Directory –> App Registration 
  3. There we select the New registration button
  4. When we have created our registration we get a window with a few key information: These values will be used by exMon to authenticate our execution
  5. Now we want to create a client secret to use so we select Certificates and Secrets in the Menu on the left and select the New client secret button We create our secret and get a value which exMon will use: Make sure to copy this value
  6. Now you need to go open your data factory under Data factories.
    Note down your subscription id and resource group: 
    Then move to Access Control(IAM) –> Role Assignments and select the add button. Make your new App registration a Contributor to your Data factory 
  7. Lastly you need to find your Data Factory name and pipeline name.
    These should be easily found under your Data Factory under https://adf.azure.com/: Now we should have all the information we need to create a package in exMon.
  8. Open exMon Administrator and create a new Command Line package in exMon
    The Command line should look like this: powershell C:\Modules\DataFactory.ps1 -tenantId "XXXXX" -appId "XXXXX" -clientSecrets "XXXX" -subscriptionId "XXXX" -resourceGroupName "XXX" -factoryName "XXX" -apiVersion "2018-06-01" -pipelineName "XXX"
    Add your own parameters to this command line from the information we created above.