exMon 5.0 has two major improvements and several smaller improvements and bug fixes.

Exception Improvements

With exMon 5.0, exceptions for each test are stored in separate tables. This change allows exMon to execute multiple tests simultaneously considerably faster as well as making working with exceptions faster.


Discovery Hub

In May Expectus partnered with TimeXtender that develops Discovery Hub, a product which simplifies modeling a datawarehouse. With this release we’ve created a new type of exMon package that simplifies executing Discovery Hub execution packages.


Package and Data Provider changes

Packages and data providers require user to configure each UAT separately. This behavior is great when development and production environments are completely separated but in many or even most instances that is not the case and having to copy the configuration between UATs can be annoying for user as well as increases possibility of input errors. With exMon 5.0 we’ve added the option to both packages and data providers to use the same configuration for all environments.



Other improvements

  • Added report template that shows exMon user association to exMon tasks
  • Several places in exMon Administrator have been changed to allow developer to select exMon users rather than type in email addresses
  • Removed Overview tab in Portal. Exception tab now directs to the page the Overview tab previously did
  • exMon upgrader now shows other execution connections left to upgrade


Bug fixes

  • Under certain conditions executing from last good state did not work correctly
  • Test with primary key selected will show a strange error message when column is deleted from underlying data
  • Losing connection to exMon database while waiting for package to finish on remote server would
  • Deleting process did not work in some exMon versions