Global Parameters are used to create reusable code snippets between multiple tasks, allowing the user an easy way to change values across multiple tasks as well as encrypt sensitive values such as passwords, preventing them from being written down into logs or outputs.


Creating and using Global Parameters

Global Parameters can be created inside exMon Administrator, under General –> Configuration –> Global Parameters.

They should be in the format {$ParameterName} and are unique across exMon.


Global Parameters can be used in:

  • Package
  • Query
  • Compare Query
  • Dimension
  • Schedule/Process/Object group extra parameters


Adding a global parameter to these tasks can be done manually but each task also has a button which allows user both to view available parameters as well as simple way to add them to the task

Package, works both for working directory and Command


Query/Compare query/Dimension


Schedule/Process/Object group


Global System Parameters

There are four global system parameters that allow tasks to access exMon system parameters on runtime.

These parameters are:

  • {$__ExecId} – Execution audit id of the local task being ran
  • {$__RemoteExecId} – Execution audit id of the remote task that started the local execution
  • {$__SystemId} – System id of task being ran
  • {$__UserId} – Id of the user running task