exMon 4.8 contains further improvements to version control as well as some new possibilities when developing and execution tests.

Version Control

With the introduction of exMon 4.7 we took our first steps in allowing users to view older versions of tasks. With exMon 4.8 we have improved this feature, making it more user friendly and visible. With these new improvements you can view both task’s current version on PROD as well as older versions and it is very simple to revert to them.


Parameter List For Task

We’ve improved task parameters to allow for a list of legal values that can be passed to the task. This list can be either a static list made by an exMon developer or a T-SQL function.

For more information, visit Send parameters to query and compare query


Dataprovider Group can execute single Dataprovider

When you have multiple data providers which are structured the same way, it can simplify things a lot to create a dataprovider group that you query the dataproviders with so when a test using the dataprovider group is executed, it will run it’s query against all dataproviders contained in the group.
With exMon 4.8 we’ve added support to allow user to execute the test without executing all of the dataproviders. There are many situations this can be helpful as this allows the user to fx. execute the test against only dataproviders that were offline during the scheduled execution.

Improved SAP Query Support

exMon has supported SAP for a long time. That being said, creating a SAP test has always been rather confusing task as the query was written in XML. We’ve improved the GUI for SAP queries quite a bit, making them easier to understand and work with.

Other improvements

  • Normal process can now be configured to allow multiple executions of itself
  • Holiday Lists are now ordered correctly in exMon Administrator
  • Data Providers can now be moved into folders
  • Dimensions now are properly audited
  • Process map editor allows user to use the customized Portal’s colors
  • Email Summary column format improved
  • Added more customization to exception tables in Email Template