exMon offers two ways to log in to the administrator and portal, with Windows authentication only and Windows and password authentication. Administrators can set exMon user account’s authentication privileges.


Windows Authentication

For windows authentication to work, the exMon user account’s Active Directory(AD) details need to match the AD details of the user that will use the exMon user account. When the user logs into exMon Administrator or exMon Portal, the first exMon user account that matches the AD user account will be logged in.

Password Authentication

To use password authentication, administrator must give the exMon user account password authentication privileges. Password authentication will only be used when the AD user account logging in does not match any exMon user account. This can happen either when user is not using his normal AD user account or when the AD information for exMon user account are not set. In these cases exMon presents dialog to enter the exMon user account’s email and password details and gives the user the option to reset his exMon user account’s password. Password authentication works in both exMon Administrator aswell as exMon Portal.