exMon has three environment used for User Acceptance Testing, the environments are called Development (DEV), Testing (TEST) and Production (PROD). All development done on the exMon administration client is saved to the Development environment. 

The normal lifecycle of objects in exMon:

It is also common to skip the Testing environment and only have Development and Production. To disable/enable the testing environment navigate to General – > Configuration –> Quality & Process and change the following property to true/false.

In this Tutorial only Development and Production environment are enabled.

To Deploy objects between environment use the Deployment icon from the toolbar. The Deployment Dialog will give us a list of all objects that have a newer version (saved after last deployment) on Development than Production.


The list also contains information about which user saved the object and when, the current object Version ID on Development and Production. The objects desired to be deployed are selected a comment written and then the Deploy button pressed, after that the changes are live in the Production environment.

Individual object can be right clicked and the deploy option clicked, exMon Deployment dialog will appear with a filtered list on that object selected.


Version History

A complete version history is saved on all deployable objects in exMon, each time a save button is clicked a new version is created. Objects in Development can be restored to a version form Production, this may come in handy when destructive changes has been made on Development. In every object there is a icon in the toolbar that will revert the version form Production.

Using two environments is a best practice and is recommended, it is especially convenient for the developer to be able to save changes without affecting objects that are in schedule in the live Production environment.

Schedule Groups

Schedule Groups are the only objects in exMon that don’t live in an environment and don’t need to be deployed, the environment is an attribute on the schedule group and all changes made to the group are instantly available.