To work in exMon a user requires permissions that are given by an exMon administrator.

The type of permissions a user can have are:

  • Administrator
  • System Administrator -
  • Process Administrator
  • Process User
  • Tester
  • Deployment Administrator
  • Developer

Further more, a user can be given special permissions:

  • View selected system(s) on Portal
  • View and manage all exceptions in selected system(s) on Portal
  • Run selected processes
  • Run selected execution jobs


User Groups

A user can also be a part of a user group. Users inherit permissions from the user groups they are members of.

There are two types of User groups:

  • Active Directory Group – Consists of all exMon users that are members of the selected Windows Active Directory Group
  • Manual exMon User Group – Consists of all exMon users that have been manually selected into the user group

Active directory groups can therefore be a quick and efficient way to give permissions to a specific divisions of your company. If a Windows user is removed from Windows Active Directory Group it’s exMon user counterpart will lose permissions gained from that group.

Note that users do not have to be specifically added to exMon before they login. If they are a part of an Active Directory group and they try to open either exMon Portal og exMon Administrator, they will automatically be added as users in exMon.


In manual exMon user group, exMon users are simply added to it.