Projects and other objects created within exMon Data Management can be migrated between environments with the Export/Import feature.

Anyone can export a project but only admins can import a new project.

In order for an export/import to work both services need to have the same exMon DM Version.

Export Project

Right click a project and select Export Project

A popup will open where you can select what you want to export, this can be both tables and database objects such as functions and stored procedures.

Destination: Select where the zip folder will be saved


       - Table Structure and Data: Includes both structure of the tables and its data

       - Table Structure only: Includes only the structure of the tables

Import Project

Click Edit projects in the bottom left corner of the application

Click the Add dropdown and select Import Project

Select the zip folder that was created when you exported the project and give your project a new name. Then click Import Project.

Your imported project is now visible from the navigation of the application.