exMon 5.2 focuses on improvements that allow more separation between systems. The version introduces two major changes along with a few smaller improvements and bug fixes.

Data Provider / Execution Connection changes

Currently, Data Provider and Execution Connection are always available in all systems. The changes we've made to Data Provider and Execution Connections allow an administrator to configure which system they are available in.

Development role change

The developer role used to have access to all systems in exMon Administrator. We have changed that so now a developer has only access to systems that are specially granted to him through the systems tab.

Other improvements

  • Process Map is now colorblind-friendly
  • User can create a destination table in the Data Transfer GUI
  • Data Transfer works with PowerShell
  • Links on process map can be on standard hyperlink format
  • Data Connector can now create a PowerShell Data Provider 
  • Tests now retry creating exceptions on failure
  • Object/Process/Schedule Group highlight undeployed tasks


Bug fixes

  • Compare Query using PowerShell did not correctly compare non-string values
  • Executing Object Group containing task parameter in exMon Portal did not work correctly
  • When adding Discovery Hub packages to process/object group they did not disappear from the task list
  • Flush did not correctly work when the task was Discovery Hub and/or Data Transfer package