1. To publish a exMonDM table to PowerBI you start by sharing your table by pressing the advanced tab and pressing Share: 
  2. Copy this value.
  3. Open PowerBI
  4. Select File -> Get data ->Web

  5. Paste your link from step 2 into the popup dialog and press OK

  6. Double click on the *.exMonDM.com link

  7. Right click the Column1 header, select Transform and transform the data to JSON

  8. Select the first record, switch to the Transform tab and select Convert To List

  9. Select the To Table button and Press OK in the popup

  10. Split the Records into separate columns by pressing the button in the right side of the header
  11. Close and Apply the results

  12. Now you can schedule refresh the data source and start creating your PowerBI report. Remember to convert your columns to the correct Data Types