In this demo we are going to create our first workspace in Turnkey. This workspace will be ours and only us and administrators of the system will be able to view it.

Open Turnkey in the browser, it is found under [customer]

Creating the workspace

  1. Press the plus sign on the left side.
  2. We should now be looking at a page containing Name, Key, Description and Administrator data fields.
  3. In Name textbox write the name of your workspace, this can be your department name.
  4. In Key textbox write a shortened version of the workspace name. The key will be visible in the workspace list as well as in the url when you have your workspace open.
  5. In Descriptions write a description of what this workspace should do and/or what data it will contain.
  6. Lastly for select yourself as an Administrator of the worksapce. This allows you to view and create controls within the workspace.
  7. Now press Create in the top right corner.