1. In the Azure Portal we need to create an App registration which we will use to access our Power Bi. This is done under the Azure Portal > Azure Active Directory > App Registration

  1. There we select the New registration button

  1. When we have created our registration we get a window with a few key information. These values will be used by exMon to authenticate our execution.


  2. Now we want to create a client secret to use so we select Certificates > Secrets in the Menu on the left and select the New client secret button

                We create our secret and get a value which exMon will use:

    Make sure you copy this value

  1. Go to your workspace in powerbi and in the upper right corner select AccessThen search for your app registeration and click Add.

  2. Next, open up exMon and right-click Packages, select New > Power Bi Refresh, and then select a name for the Power Bi Refresh package.

  3. Select an Execution connection and fill in the tenant-id, app-id, client secret and the group-id and then click login, this should populate the rest of the fields.

    • In Azure, open the app registeration and in the overview you can find the app-id (1) and the tenant-id (2)

    • Now head to Power Bi and find out your Power BI dataset's group-id. In the left menu find your dataset, hover over it and click the three dots and select settings.

      The url should look like this and you can copy the group-id (1)

  4. Select a subscription and dataset. Then when you are happy with the information in the fields you can click the save icon in the top left corner and run the Power Bi Refresh package.