exMon DG Integration Action is a feature that allows exMon DM to execute exMon DG tasks. This can be done through context menu, tool bar button or when table is saved. 

Here are instructions how to use this feature:

(Image 1 - Start by editing the actions for the selected table)

(Image 2 - Select the desired task type, which in this case should be Execute in exMon DG)

(Image 3 - Configure the action to your liking)

Steps seen above on the normal configuration flow for this type of action:

  1. Select the desired connection (usually your corresponding exMon DG)
  2. Select the desired system within exMon DG
  3. Select the desired task to execute
  4. Optional - configure additional properties which are the same as for other actions
  5. Run the task and make sure everything runs successfully
  6. At last - save the actions and you are done!